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EMDR Consultation Part 1 and Part 2 Basic Training

We are EMDR Institute and HAP/Trauma Recovery approved consultants. We provide group and individual consultation for clinicians completing requirements for Part 1 and Part 2 EMDR Basic Training as well as those who are working toward EMDR certification. Sessions are offered in-person at our office in American Fork or through Zoom video and audio conferencing.

Consultation for EMDR Part 1 and Part 2 Basic Training may cover a variety of topics, including case conceptualization from an AIP informed perspective, review of the 8-phase protocol, resource development and installation, recent events protocol, dissociation, adapting the model for working with children, and working with complex PTSD.

Group consultation size is limited to 8 participants for the 2-hour consultation. Each participant will have up to 15 minutes to staff cases or ask questions in general.  

Here is a case staffing form for you to use in preparation for consultation. 

Please remember to bring your Part 1/Part 2 Training Manual.

If you were trained through HAP/Trauma Recovery, please have your 5-digit training ID number available so that your hours can be recorded in their system immediately following consultation.

For information on participating in videoconference consultation, click here. 

To schedule an individual consultation session with Leslie, click here. 


To schedule an individual consultation session with Cindy, click here.


Case Staffing Form

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